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Posted by L P King, Friday, 20th September, 2019:


Update: Phones and Internet OK today but I will leave the phone re-direct thingie as is and see how things are next week. They did say it will be until the 29th September. Woteva.... Best way to get us is send a lubbly message through the Command Centre.


Something good always comes.... Our dear Kath Austin and I used to have some great discussions about communication. History was her big thing. For many years she was involved in the Emu Park Museum and she absolutely loved the concept of our Twyckwick Project. Her ideas and inspiration will definitely live on. And one of the biggies was the establishment of a Post Office on Claver's Landing. That also included a couple of unique characters whom you will shortly meet. Great stuff!


Next week I'll talk with the real Post Office and see what we can get going. I am pretty sure we can design our own stamps and stationery. With all this technologically-abhorrent garbage people are being expected to deal with it is definitely a good time to get back to sending those cards and letters. One special Twyckwicker told me she has kept every card she ever received. Another loves making collages and scrapbook thingies. And why not?


I may not get back on here before Monday, so do enjoy the week-end. You can still send me a lubbly message via the Command Centre if you need me. On that note, I must thank special Twyckwicker Sylvia for all of her great communication and we all wish her well for her upcoming adventures. Catch up this week-end - it counts....



Week-end catch-up





Here's your Friday Free Graphic - right-side click and save to a file on your own computer. Links appreciated and as you know, we don't do Social Media.



Chocolate week-end



This morning I received an update from Tina Johnston, "Plodding along, keeping busy. Probably need chocolate!".  Pretty much applies to all Aussies. The Members in the United States seem to be sailing OK. Smoke stink and dust are interfering with the delicious taste of chocolate in our world and our specials down in New South Wales are particularly challenged. Our thoughts are with everyone. Yes, keep on plodding along.


Interesting article today. I can't reference it because I didn't bookmark it. I hadn't finished glugging my first cup of coffee and I was still half-asleep but if you even care I am sure you can find it if you do a search. Seems our PM and the American Pres are boiling the billy and making scones. And the American Pres was espousing how wonderful Aussies are and how we are so great etc, etc. Woteva. Pity they don't support us. I have said before that we buy stuff from the Americans all the time and they rarely, if ever, return the courtesy. I am soon to get our mercantile sectors going again but I won't be holding my breath waiting for any great changes.


Oh dear, I am in trubble over Auggie's toy. I have fixed the error. I called it a purple skink but it is really a purple sloth and he absolutely loves it to bits. Skink sloth, skunk, gnu, teddy bears, you name them... he loves them all. Minnie will kick a ball around but she's not so into the stuffed toys. She's a dancer and I keep saying I must get the music going and let her have some fun. Miniature horses are easy to train and you should see her twirling around in the yard sometimes. She seriously knows how to have a good time. Love 'em.


Week-end graphic work on the agenda. The more I try and set stuff up with other companies the more I realise we are far better off doing our own thing. There is a reason we have been with the colleagues we work with for so long. It works. When you are busy you just want to get on with it quickly and efficiently and from what I can see a lot of these sign-up and get ripped off places are so bent on keeping up appearances and outdoing one another that they are losing sight of true intentions. I'll no doubt make some decisions over the week-end. Over so much at present it isn't funny. I'll get us all sorted and then....






Posted by L P King, Thursday, 19th September, 2019:


Just after 6 am here and I'm bit late with the update of this area, sorry.  Phones and Internet have been going off all day for the past 3 days. I'm told this will continue until 29th September. I'm OK here because I have other providers. I did voice my disapproval because old people who don't have computers and who can barely use a phone could have a problem if they need to make an emergency call. No response about that one of course, so I'll try and speak to someone else today. Of all the times to do this - I could understand if it was because of the bushfires, but it isn't. The whole communication system sucks in this country at present. I have switched the phones over but they are not relaying messages so it is best to go to the Command Centre and send us a lubbly message if you need to - just follow the links. Like I said, The Internet works but I can't guarantee the phones.


Thank you to those who have been keeping up and calling or sending missives to inquire about the latest. Smoke and stinky atmosphere was the go when I let the dogs out this morning. They didn't want to stay out for long. The little horses are struggling with the smoke and there is not a blade of green grass anywhere so I figured it was the safest thing to keep them in the stable. It is about the size of a 2-car garage and they have room to move around and play with their toys. I think I told you about the purple sloth I bought for Auggie and he loves it. Except it now has a distinctively brown hue. I usually toss them out when they get too disgusting and either make or buy new ones when they are on special. Don't think I'll get away with doing that with the sloth. A bucket with warm water, woolwash and a hose might be the way to go.


I feel sorry for people with respiratory conditions and nearly everyone has dry eyes which makes computer work hard. My solution was to dunk my face in a bowl of warm water with 2 or 3 drops of lavender oil and then use the old Murine eye-drops. Other people have their own solutions including warm water and salt and red paw-paw ointment on eyelids. The pharmacies have heaps of stuff so just ask them if you need to. One Twyckwicker I called is royally cheesed off because she is unable to see good enough to read at the moment. Another reports it went into her sinuses and she now has a blood nose most of the time  Even babies are affected and the poor little kids don't understand what is happening to them.






No sign of rain on the horizon. The cities were getting rain the other day but it is the bush that needs it. Some only had a few mls and that was barely enough to settle the dust. A couple of days ago Joc Cameron's husband told me that had the worst dust storm ever and it has gotten to the stage where it just ain't funny.


Things seem to be OK here but like I said, it is the residual smoke that is the problem. I can see people starting to be affected psychologically and some of the older people are left shaking their heads. They have been there before but as one said, it has never been as intense. Temperatures here in Deliverance Country are basically desert temperatures with extreme cold at night and very hot days. Hardly into Spring  - really looking forward to Summer - NOT. Everyone is starting to say how rude it is that that overseas job offer hasn't been forthcoming. Rooooodeee, indeed....


That about brings you up-to-date. The weather is dictating doing stuff at different times and also just coping with it all means...We'll get there, whenever.....



Keep an eye on here for the latest.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Still working away....




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