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The Twyckwick® Project

Twyckwick Welcome


Launched 31st October, 2017:

Twyckwick Card Shop

More to come...


Our Logo
Our Story

The Members of Mountain Mist Productions are international Authors and Artists who proudly showcase  their literary and artistic talents worldwide.


We began on the 8th May, 2000, with a generic Domain of Mountain Mist Productions has now grown to the point where it now has several Websites, each highlighting different aspects of the group's endeavours.


The Main Site at serves as an easy guide to what is available - pick and choose what interests you.


Read More, Talk More, Live More...

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Book Catalogue

Book Catalogue

E-Books and Print Books

from our Members

NewIn the Bookstore - It all goes 'round by L P King


Our new "old-fashioned" books will launch in the New Year. New Titles coming....

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Click above to check out the latest edition. Refreshed weekly and not archived so Bookmark and check back before each Monday night, AEST.

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Join L P King for regular updates on the Twyckwick® Plans.

Scintillating drivel on occasion, with comments and tips as teasers for what will be presented in the new Twyckwick® Project. That includes technical and security advice, The Gang from Hannah's Column often put their two cents' worth in.... And free and often funny Graphics you can use to spiff up your own Websites and Communications. Oh... and lots of C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E!

Remember when the Internet was fun?

Check it out...


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Here's the latest Special Edition of the Warble Rock Ezine
We'll be doing Special Editions for a while as there is so much going on - we'll let you know when the next one is out.

Free Graphics
more coming...

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Our E-Card Site

Full Ecard List

More to come...

New Cards are gradually being added

We had no idea we had so many!

This could take a while...

Greeting Cards Link

Greeting Cards



Hannah's Column for pet lovers

Hannah's Column

Everyone loves The Gang from Hannah's Column!

The Gang adopts a dingo - Read...


Oldies at Large Logo



Film Reel


We have been closed to Submissions since 2006.
We do not accept outside Advertising.

The Twyckwick® Community is COMING SOON!

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We run all of our correspondence for all of our Websites

through the Command Centre. Here you can have a yarn about anything,  correspond with our Members, book public appearances or request  interviews.

How to reach us

Mountain Mist Productions

P O Box 1010

Rockhampton QLD 4700


Ph 1300 785 580


Office hours:

Mon-Fri 10 am - 3 pm AEST

Rockhampton Time and Date

We are generally in and out of the office 24/7.

Leave us a message and we'll get back to you.


Bush Telegraph


Australians may call us from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call by using 1300 785 580. Overseas folk are best to use the Command Centre to crank up the Bush Telegraph - send a message with your phone number - we'll ring you back as soon as we can. We don't tolerate any malarkey - no attachments, no texts or voice messages. We neither condone nor send spam. We report all spam and unacceptable behaviour. If you come across anything untoward that you think pertains to us, use the Command Centre to let us know and the tiger will come down from the mountain.


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Please note: Mountain Mist Productions and all associated Websites and Business Names are owned and operated by Principal, L P King. Business names which come under the umbrella of Mountain Mist Productions are Twyckwick®, Oldies at Large and Dollquake. The Twyckwick® Trademark is owned and registered by L P King.


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Friends and Colleagues


Gulargambone History Book



We have worked with the following people

for many years and we are happy to recommend them:


Book Printing – Digital Print Australia


Web Hosting and Domains

Printing - Community Printing Service



Note - Our backgrounds and graphics are either our own or are created using our own and purchased software programs, are licensed by us and/or comprise the work of our friends such as and Holiday Card designed by Print Artist Program.




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