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Celebrate with us

We are still working on our Sites.

After 17 years on the Internet it is time for some big changes. The most exciting change in the New Year will be our Twyckwick® Community. We envisage this as a nice, old-fashioned place for people to visit and discover some of the magic that we have lost in this modern world. It is a lot of work, but we have been very heartened by the support and suggestions we have received.

Keep checking back - not long to go now!

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Here's the latest Special Edition of the Warble Rock Ezine
We'll be doing Special Editions for a while as there is so much going on - we'll let you know when the next one is out.

Free Graphics
more coming...

Update from L P King :

Things are hotting up with our plans for our old-fashioned Twyckwick® Community. It feels like we are back when we began in 2000. Do continue to come here and sift around and see what has been added. I hope you enjoy what we do.

We'll try and post more updates in the Bulletin as we go down the mountain path. Sounds like a plan - and a way to get our minds back.... Remember when there was more artistry on the Internet? Don't worry, we'll jog your memory! It's not always all about commercialism and opportunism - let's have some fun.

I think there will be a few surprises with Twyckwick®. I've been thoroughly enjoying the fact that people can't get the true meaning of "community", in the old-fashioned sense. That's what we are all about. I am so looking forward to sitting back and watching people scratch their heads as they try and remember the way it used to be. Still a ways to go yet; but the tiger is starting to stir on the mountain and we couldn't be happier about that!

Big news is we now have our own News Service and Radio Station on the boil. We'll soon begin with interviews so if you would like to talk to us feel free to reach us through the Command Centre.

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Many thanks for all your support.

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Our Story

The Members of Mountain Mist Productions are international Authors and Artists who have proudly showcased their literary and artistic talents worldwide since 2000. The Members are looking forward to your company when we launch Twyckwick®. Meantime, please visit our other Pages.

We are a little old-fashioned....
Our aim  is simply to entertain, teach and inform.
We want to make life in this troubled world
a little less stressful and a whole lot more enjoyable.

We now have way too much content for one location.
You are welcome to wander around our various venues,
pick and choose what interests you and sit back and relax...

More to come...

We've all had a little break and now we are ready to start anew.
 There is still a lot to do, but we are getting there.

We are looking forward to your company.

Don't forget you can make suggestions....

Book Catalogue

Book Catalogue


E-Books and Print Books

from our Members


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Please note we do not archive Posts.

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Our E-Card Site

Full Card List

More to come...

New Cards are gradually being added

We had no idea we had so many!

This could take a while...

Greeting Cards Link

Greeting Cards



Hannah's Column for pet lovers
Hannah's Column
New Column coming soon

Everyone loves The Gang from Hannah's Column!


Oldies at Large Logo

Oldies at Large

It's all about nostalgia

Woody Wede will be back soon!



Film Reel


is coming along nicely -

Don't forget you can send us a message through the Command Centre with any ideas, suggestions or special requests.

We should have the Radio Station and the News soon.




We have been closed to Submissions since 2006.
We do not accept outside Advertising.

The Twyckwick® Community is COMING SOON!

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We run all of our correspondence for all of our Websites

through the Command Centre. Here you can have a yarn about anything,  correspond with our Members, book public appearances or request  interviews.

How to reach us

Mountain Mist Productions

P O Box 1010

Rockhampton QLD 4700


Ph 1300 785 580


Office hours:
Mon-Fri 10 am - 4 pm AEST

We are generally in and out of the office 24/7,

Leave us a message and we'll get back to you.


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Australians may call us from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call by using 1300 785 580. Overseas folk are best to use the Command Centre to crank up the Bush Telegraph - we'll ring you back as soon as we can. We don't tolerate any malarkey - no attachments, no texts or voice messages. We neither condone nor send spam. We report all spam and unacceptable behaviour. If you come across anything untoward that you think pertains to us, use the Command Centre to let us know and the tiger will come down from the mountain.


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